Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Screw Hollywood

Okay... here is my thought. I really do not have patience for Hollywood anymore. I've loaded this blog with movie posters that have helped to feed the lie fed to men and women all over the world. Hollywood wants us to believe that love falls out of the sky and just clicks. But that is not the way it happens, nor is it the way it should happen. Love, and all other good things in life, take work. And that is a good thing. It doesn't just happen overnight, you don't fall in love over a random email, or laying in a closet with your favourite shoes, or with a time traveler, or over a few memories of subway rides and drunken moments, or with random strangers on the street.... sure it makes for a nice story and some good drama, but it is not reality. But us single women out there (and probably some men) start believing the stories and thinking that that kind of spontaneous, crazy love is available for all... but it isn't. It is make believe... I am guilty of getting caught up in it.... it's time to put those stories in their place, with Cinderella and the rest of them.

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