Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting Back To ME!!

Part of embracing this single life that I find myself in is finding a way back to myself. I am generally a happy and fun loving person who will walk to the ends of the earth for the people she loves. But in heartbreak, I find that I struggle to know any of that side of myself. Instead, I get stuck in the sad, frustrated and angry side of me... a side I don't like and would rather that people not meet until they know the real me a lot better. So part of getting back to me means making changes and embracing the change iny life. One on the things that tends to change is my furniture arrangement in my bedroom (I don't want memories of it the way it was when it was shared in any way with another) and the other is to change something about my appearance and that tends to be my hair. Before the break-up my hair was long, down to the middle of my back. I'd say it was luxurious, but that would be a lie... hahaha It was just long and in the humidity or rain it has a puffy yet stringy appearance that is in no way appealing. So a time for change was coming anyway and then the break up happened (I should be clear and say that I was the one doing the breaking up since the ex couldn't seem to decide after 2 years of being together if the timing was right to move forward - I'd already moved my life halfway across the world for him and heard numerous confessions of love and the guarantee of a solid future together at this point but was seeing no actions to match the words), so it was as good a time as any to chop the locks and begin again with life. I like the new hair. It suits the side of me that I love... the fun, flippant, silly, cute side of me. :) I hope you like it too!!


  1. Your hair looks great! And another great blog, sounds like you are keeping yourself strong.

  2. I LOVE your hair! I want to copy it. I just might. So there.