Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Newly Single... AGAIN!!

Okay, so I've recently become single, AGAIN! At least this time it was after a two year relationship, which was my longest ever. In dealing with this new heartbreak, I began to think of all the things I hate most about being single, all the things I hate about my friends who are married and tell me that single life is such fun, and all the things I hate about explaining why I am STILL single at 33 years old. So as I began to think of all these things, I realized that I have a lot to say on the subject of singleness. And then I began to think that in my new obsession with blogging, it might be a good subject to blog on. I don't want it to be a bitter woman's club, or confessions of an angry single woman... but I do want the window to be open on what it is like to be a single woman. So please stay tuned and feel free to add your own stories and comments. Happy reading, single people!!


  1. So from this single 33 year old to another...*hug*

  2. Hey, Angela,

    I am married but still love reading what you have to say. SINGLE but not alone!! 33, what is the big deal? There is atill a long way! Do not tell me : "sure... married woman".

    Monica (you know who)

  3. Oh Monica... it's not an age thing... that's for sure. I just keep looking back and wondering, why is it that I keep picking the wrong guy? Oh well... Singleness here I come again!!