Sunday, December 12, 2010

Disappearing Act

That's what I call it when a guy you meet and are getting to know just ceases to call or contact you anymore. I'm always confused as to why they do that? Do they think it makes them look cooler or kinder to just stop talking to the person? I don't know. Recently (as you few regular readers know), I'd put myself out there on eHarmony and have been enjoying the contacts and matches I've been making. It's hard since I am all the way over here in Turkey for me to meet the guys face to face, but it's been great to get to talk to different guys and get to know them a little. One in particular caught my eye and I did his (if what he said is true). We got to emailing and chatting and even spoke on the phone once (and if you know me, you know that the only person I love to talk with one the phone is my mother... I'm more of an email or face-to-face kind of person). Anyway, I thought things were going swimmingly. We had good conversations and I felt like I was getting a feel for who he was and vice versa... then last week he messaged me that his phone went tits up and he was sending it in for repairs. He also said he'd have it by Monday and we could resume our regular chats. I'm pretty easy going when it comes to that kind of stuff so I smiled and said that I hoped the phone came back quickly etc. And that was the last I'd heard from him. I left if for a few days of course because I'm generally not that fussed, but it's been more than a week with no contact from him. I've emailed him because I am worried that maybe he is sick or something bad happened, but still no response (and no, I didn't go boil the bunny stalker crazy... I think it was one or two messages total). So I don't know... I guess I just write him off? I feel like when he told me that we'd be back in touch last Monday and that he'd periodically check his email on his computer (he admitted that he didn't use it often), that that is what would happen. I really enjoyed our chats and conversation. He seems super nice and a lot like the kind of guy I need and want in my life, but I guess it doesn't go both ways anymore... or maybe he's found someone closer to him to date and discover a relationship with... fair enough, but please have the courtesy to tell me that. We'd just begun to get to know each other, feelings weren't strong enough or even developed enough to get hurt so... Anyway... just another speed bump in the road of dating and traveling towards a lifetime with someone. Best of luck to him and to me, right?! :)