Friday, August 21, 2009

Ah... Ice Cream...

It's one of my vices for sure but it is a go to tool for healing a broken heart. Most single women know this and a few married ones use it too, to help heal a disappointments and heartbreaks in their married lives (and those who no longer use it, remember it from their single days). So as I have been thrust back into my single life, I have become more and more acquainted with my old friend ice cream... even in Mexico I took my daily "medical" dose of the sweet frozen treat. Why do you think it is that women turn to ice cream in times of emotional need? I'm not sure of the answer to that, but I am thankful for the gift of sweet relief the treat gives for the few minutes it takes to eat it. :) Although, 3 weeks into my life as a newly (and chronically) single woman, I am in need of a treadmill more than a bowl and spoon! I vow to hit the gym again on Monday morning and to stop my daily "medical" treatment as of Wednesday morning (Tuesday is my birthday so I plan to indulge on that day for sure!!).

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