Sunday, August 30, 2009

Best Things...

Okay, enough wallowing in the downfalls of being single for the moment. You all know I will get back to that sometime soon I am sure (especially since I am trying to start dating again... I know, I know, it is crazy soon... but I am 34 and not keen to just wait around for "the one" to drop out of the sky).
Anyway, I decided to write about some of the best things about being single in today's entry (although, I would probably do these things in a relationship too... well some of them, I'll put a * next to those ones... hahaha). So here is my list:

1. Getting up and doing as I please (no checking with the significant other to make sure I am not stepping on their toes or screwing up their plans for the day)

2. Spa Days in the home.* I usually take one day in the weekend and really treat myself nice. I wake up when I am good and ready, I lounge around in PJs for a while having breakfast and coffee, then a super long shower with lots of soap, bubbles, exfoliating and singing in the shower, then maybe a mask for the face, a delicious leisurely lunch while lounging around braless(the braless thing is key for a spoiling me day), reading a book and generally relaxing. Sounds good right? ;)

3. Reading in bed.* It's just nice to leave the light on and get lost in a book for as long as I like.

Okay... I need to add to this list later... I've gotten distracted by phone calls from my parents, text messages and chitchat with my roommate. Well, that and my grumbling tummy. hehehe

Feel free to add your own best things about being single... Oh!! I forgot the picking up and traveling or moving when I want! hahaha that is number 4!


  1. Sleeping sideways in the bed! As nice as it is to cuddle, it's also nice to have all that room to yourself.

  2. True enough... I do love wrapping myself up in ALL my covers too.