Friday, June 8, 2012

Unexpected Sighting.

Lately I've gotten a lot of invites and reminders of invites for the website LinkedIn.  I had previously ignored them, not really wanting to be part of yet another site, even though it's a great professional networking site.  However, when my advisor for my professional placement site requested an add, I decided to give the site a look.  It automatically went through my gmail contacts to see if there was anyone I knew on the site and would like to be linked with.  I was shocked and surprised to see my ex (KJ) on there.  He was the whole reason this blog started, the whole reason I felt the need to take a journey trying to explore my single self and why I couldn't seem to make relationships work and it's something I'm very grateful for even though it was born out of the pain of our break-up.  Anyway, I've thought of him often and missed our friendship but I had erased (or thought I had) his contact information from my email and didn't know if I could or should try to contact him.  I'd hoped and still do that he is happy in his life and from his profile I could see that his wish to live overseas again had come true.  I'd still like to be friends with him but I'm not sure he would want that... *sigh* It's been 3 years and I'm in a different place in my single journey, not one of looking back for a hopeful romantic connection but of hoping to be friends.  *sigh* Sometimes I wish life was simpler and people were easier to understand.