Monday, March 22, 2010

Now, that's a man!!

Have you ever watched the show, Kendra? Don't judge me people. When you don't have a social life, you get sucked into the lives of people as presented to you on reality TV. So, anyway, have you ever watched it? I got sucked in last season when she met and married Hank Baskett (he plays football professionally). I loved their story and how they handled life together. I particularly love Kendra's laugh and all her goofiness.
However, this season has started and a lot of it has been to do with their adorable little baby and being a new family. The last two episodes (which were the first ones of the season) had me in tears. Not because I was jealous of them or pitying myself, but because there was something beautiful there. Kendra has really been struggling with her image and losing the baby weight. She comes from an industry that is driven by sexiness and the visual image you present (modeling) and has had a hard time with the weight gain etc. She is emotional and not feeling very sexy etc. It's been good for me (a chubby girl) to see that she is understanding how living in a bigger body isn't fun (now, I still think I am beautiful and sexy and I am losing weight all the time).
But the best part was the way that Hank has dealt with it. His love for Kendra is real and he uses words, actions and touch to reassure her, comfort her and make her understand that she is all he needs. Seeing that reaffirms to me that those guys are out there. Maybe they are a rare breed, but they certainly aren't just the invention of Hollywood as I was beginning to believe them to be. So thanks, Kendra, thanks for sharing your insecurities, but also the truth of what real love looks like and what a REAL MAN looks like!


  1. Oui, i totaly agree and that is what i believe in as well. I never stop believing in Love, the real thing that makes us keep our life together.

    Your whole life is inspired by Love Angela, you got the meaning of it, you are Mrs Right!

    I am happy to be your friend, i can't wait we live in our new countries closer to eachothers : )


  2. *mwah* kisses to you Nico... you are such a good friend!!

  3. So true, that's a REAL man! And there IS one out there for you and he's going to be so grateful when he finally finds a real woman like you!