Sunday, March 7, 2010

Letting Go...

For the last two weeks at my church, they have been talking about how God wants to do a new thing in His people. Last week, I was really touched by the message that all things are possible for God and all we need to do is trust in that. I found myself realizing that I had stopped trusting in that. I had stopped believing that all things are possible for me because of the God that I believe in, I started believing that none of the things that I wanted for my life would be possible. But I got the kick in the tush that I needed when I didn't even know I needed it. I realized last week that having faith is such a small key to receiving the blessings that are out there for me. So, I've been working on that faith a little.
This week the message continued with the idea of letting go. It comes from the verse that talks about not putting new wine in old wine skins because they would burst, they can't handle the newness of it all. And the connection was that if we want God to do a new thing in us, we have to release the old, get rid of it, so that we can handle the newness. The pastor gave the analogy that you don't go into a car dealer and buy a new car and then demand that your old tires and muffler system from your old car be put on the new. There shouldn't be the old connected to the new, the old must be released. And so I am working on that in a more tangible way. I still have some of the gifts that Kelvin gave me during our relationship and I feel like having them around me keeps the old around so the new can't be allowed in. So in an effort to make room for the new things and people that God will bring into my life, I am getting rid of the old. I was even courteous enough to email Kelvin to see if he wanted some of the items (some he had expressed in the past that he loved and would have wanted for his own house). He replied with a short "no thanks and good luck to you." email, which was fine. At least I know that I took the high road and I can get rid of them without feeling guilty that I didn't first see if he wanted them. So I am getting rid of the old, a cleansing you might say... I am ready for the new that God has for me and I feel like I am making wonderful big steps forward... God is so good to me.


  1. hahaha... no, my parents are getting that! hahaha. The electronics I am keeping. It's the artsy things that I am getting rid of. You want the Chinese vase? It's gorgeous and VERY expensive... you can have it!