Saturday, January 8, 2011

Re-evaluating Beliefs

Part of getting unstuck is about looking at who you are, assessing that and evaluating the beliefs you have. It's been interesting to look at my beliefs (and I don't mean my faith in God... it's not about those beliefs, but about beliefs about self, others, relationships etc) and to realize how much I have been hindering myself. It's also led me to see that I have more fears than I've ever taken time to acknowledge. Perhaps I refused to acknowledge them because if I did it would make them real and something for me to deal with. Here are some of the things I've discovered about myself:

  1. I am weak and it's okay... in my weakness I know I can find and develop strength but exposing my weakness sure makes me vulnerable to being hurt by others and myself. I am working on being responsible for dealing with my weakness and vulnerability in a way that creates strength and doesn't hide or diminish the weakness or vulnerability.
  2. I am afraid of being alone. Being alone equals failure in my mind because I look at how so many others have love. Sure they may not have monetary success, they may not have things etc, but they have what matters most in my mind, love with another. A family (whether that is just the couple or children are involved). So I am working on seeing being alone as not something to fear but to embrace because it gives me time to become the best version of myself possible and that has nothing to do with another human being. My worth and success is not and cannot be tied to the affections of any one person.
  3. I do not trust my own judgment in men that I date. This is a fear created by my poor decisions and past mistakes. I am working to learn to trust myself more by working on breaking down my ideas of what I need/want/deserve in a man. I thought I had it figured out but got so distracted by things that don't matter at the end of the day. I have to break barriers in my own mind first. Hard work, but it can be done.
Let's just start with those three for the moment. There is much more I need to work on, but taking my time and working slowly towards and better self and future matters to me.

Thanks for your support, readers and friends!

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