Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Man... another song

My relationship with KJ is harder to put into just one song... our whole relationship seems to be played out over a John Legend album. It was brutal to listen to any of those songs for a while. One song was I Can Change, which KJ dedicated to me after we'd first become a little more serious. He'd had a history of failed relationships and he took responsibility for those but wanted to change with me and be/do better. Then there was the song Stay With You, which I dedicated back to him when we were in the US because things were harder and he was struggling with lots of things in life and I wanted him to know that I was there with him. Then there was Ordinary People, which talks about taking it slow and just being ordinary... we both felt that one. And then when things were falling apart, this song became my heart's cry:

But after it was all over and my heartache dulled down, it wasn't a John Legend song but a Ne-yo song that helped me move past. So many of my friends were willing to let me cry and to encourage me to look at each new day as a new song... thanks for that friends!

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