Friday, January 21, 2011


Okay... so here is the latest conundrum. I've really let the eHarmony thing lapse. I don't feel the need to be on there all the time or getting attention that just isn't going to go anywhere. If someone pursues me on there, I answer their questions etc, but my membership runs out in a couple of days and I am not bothered about it at all. However, I have put myself on a couple of Christian dating sites because, well, I think that those are the kinds of guys I'd like to attract. And I'd hope that they were honest and in it for the long haul... although, you can lie just as well on a Christian site as you can on a regular site. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a member on one of the sites. He sent me a nice message telling that the thought I was attractive and that he liked my profile. I responded in kind (after looking his over). He then asked if he could email me and I agreed. I have an email address that is pretty much just for this kind of thing because I don't want oddballs having access to my stuff. It's also the one I use when signing up for stuff or purchasing online... best to keep all the junk mail flowing into one place. So the first email he sent was nice, if a little nervous seeming and I thought that was cute. The next had some photos of himself (I presume) and a much longer letter detailing more about himself. It was very long and I enjoyed reading it and gave him and equally long email in return. After that his emails became incredibly intense and he was intent to meet me and to push for something to happen. I asked him to slow down... I'm in no rush, I am loving that I am figuring out how not to be the fall back girl (by the way... I think the lovely distraction is done too... I want more than a distraction so...) and I have no need to jump into something with anyone right away. Besides, if he is Mr. Right instead of Mr. Unavailable (see earlier posts about Natalie's blog and books), then he will be willing to go at a decent pace that allows for discovery of who we are. Now, he says he's all good with that but some of the emails in the last couple of days have just sat wrong. Not wrong as in I think he's a nut job or that he's going to start boiling bunnies... just wrong as in I am not getting the whole story. He is in Africa on business (he says) and would like to stop by Turkey on his way home. I told him he was more than welcome to stop by the country but he would be responsible for his own accommodations... right!? So we will see... but there is the latest step in the life of me... or at least this part of my life!

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