Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting Unstuck!

As this year begins and the distance between my disasters grows, I have the ability to look back and assess my own responsibilities, actions and so on. And being the person I am, who tends to the melancholy and melodramatic when it comes to myself and love, I tend to get really down and hurt over all of it. But if truth be told, I am in a place right now in my life where assessing myself makes sense. It's time to look back with a mind to looking forward. I am ready to see what patterns I have been putting myself in and how those hold me back. I am ready to break the patterns and MOVE FORWARD! It's time! And as I was thinking about it and talking to my friend in LA about where we both are in our romantic lives, she gave me some good terms. She told me her goals were to live without fear and get unstuck in her life. I liked those but didn't know where she was getting this, she is brilliant so she could have come up with it herself, but she didn't. Instead she sent me to this blog: Baggage Reclaim. This wonderfully wise woman writes this blog and has several thousand readers. She has also written some e-books and has them available on her site. I highly recommend her, her blog and her books. I just started the one about getting unstuck and I can't even begin to tell you how much truth this woman spoke into my mind and heart with her words. And the thing I love best about this is that she gives you exercises to do on your own to help you assess yourself and your past patterns so that you CAN move forward. So whether you are single, stuck in a bad relationship or just want to move forward in your own relationship and life, go check out her site, what she has to say and her books. It's worth the time!!

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