Saturday, January 22, 2011


In my recent readings and self discoveries, I've noticed a set of common themes: release fear and start to love, set boundaries, and take action. So today I am considering the boundaries that I need to set so that I can adequately assess a situation. I've always thought I had boundaries, but I've not respected myself enough to stick to them, or I've let fear of being alone run ramshod over them. So today I am setting some new boundaries:

1. No physical, mental, or emotional abuses allowed.
2. No manipulation of who I am allowed... if I feel something isn't right, I need to stand up and say so and then walk away.
3. Dishonesty is not an option
4. Man must be unattached
5. Man must be communicative
6. Man must share my faith
7. Man must share my values
8. Man must respect my emotions and my body.

I think that is a good start for me. I know that they seem rudimentary, but think about where I am coming from: a string for relationships and relations with unavailable men and a lack of self love and respect. Best to start small, right? Besides, I don't want to put in silly boundaries about where a guy lives or what he does for a living... that just seems limiting. These boundaries I've listed seem liberating! Let's hope by putting them here, I will remember them, honour them (and myself) and follow them!

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