Monday, September 27, 2010

Yup... That's What Its Like!

Yup... that's single life up there in that picture. Full of twists, turns, ups, downs, fasts and slows. Sure, married life can be like that too, all of life can if you think about it. But, today, I am thinking about single life and dating. Sure, it's fun and you have all this anticipation as you wait in line for your turn (when you are a kid, still waiting to be old enough to date etc). And then your turn comes and you feel a little nervous and excited as they strap you into the seat. It seems like it might be a long ride. You start rolling forward, going slowly uphill and it's all you can see, the goal is getting to the top and you are on your way... all excitement and thrills. Nothing negative about the ride so far, right? Of course not... all you can see is the ups, and the speed isn't incredibly fast yet... it's actually quite comfortable. And then you get to the top... oh, my... the top...or so you thought as you stare out and wonder if the tracks still remain below. It's like taking a leap off a high building and hoping you land safely... you start to plummet down and the speed increases and you begin to realize that you have no control over this ride and that it's making you feel just a little bit sick. And then it slows down and goes upwards again... this is the next dating relationship and you're filled with hope once again, the goal is clear, it's the top. You've forgotten the stomach in your mouth feeling of the last drop, and you are focused... this time will be different or better. And maybe it is, maybe being flung upside-down isn't as bad, but you don't let go of the bar... you're still white knuckling the cart of this crazy ride called single and dating. And the pattern repeats over and over. Sometimes it gets better and you think it's even kind of fun, you raise your arms and give over all control, vowing to just enjoy the ride... others you feel positively ill at the thought of another uphill climb and earth shattering, speed defying drop. And then the ride comes to it's final destination and stops. And while you vow that it was all good fun, you aren't sure you'd line up for it again, and that's okay because usually you aren't asked to.
So there you go... my latest musings on what it's like to be single and dating... hehe. I had fun writing this, I actually visualized the whole ride happening... lucky for you I couldn't figure out how to add the part about the sucker stuck next to you in the cart or behind you who just can't stomach the ride and yacks... don't worry, faithful readers... I'll work it out and add it... hahaha j/k


  1. awesome awesome awesome analagy!!!! you rock


  2. Thanks... sometimes the words pop in my mind like a picture and I just can't stop staring at the photo and letting it all come out of me... I love writing. If I could be disciplined to sit and REALLY write, I think I could have something here... *sigh* Discipline ALWAYS gets in the way! ;)