Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Modern Day Dating

I know, we all tend to think that the game hasn't changed all that much... but hasn't it? I remember when lots of my friends (not all) and some of my family met their significant others. Some were met in bars or bar line-ups (usually the guy would take the initiative and start up and conversation... perhaps with a bad one-liner), some were met through friends or on a blind date set up by friends or family, some were met at university or church or some place where the two frequented and some were just met at some random social gathering. The thing is that they mostly started in a face-to-face interaction. This is not the case for the most part anymore. Sure... it happens, but not with the frequency that you might hope for or think.

We dating girls today have to be tech savvy. We have to know how to log onto websites, upload images (hopefully ones that present our best sides and look respectable), type quickly and flirt via text messages and instant chat. Sure, it's a sign of the times, look at our schools. Most classrooms have computers, most businesses do too. I guess dating is taking that route as well. But it changes the game for sure. Either party could be lying or making up some grandiose story in order to bait the other. Those pictures could be 15 years old... who knows?! It's risky to meet that person for the first time too. You've chatted, you've shared pictures so that you'll know what the other looks like... but then comes the moment of truth. Did that person tell the truth? Are they who they said they were? Are you stepping out on the town with a good guy or a straight psycho?! See... the game has changed. A little anyway... that guy in the bar could be a psycho too.

Anyway... dating girls... warm up your typing fingers and get in the game! As for you married or already in a relationship friends of us dating girls... just keep supporting us and laughing when the guy turns out to be not the guy in the picture (because even though we are mortified at first, we all know how to have a good laugh about it too).

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