Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mean Mugging

So in an attempt to meet some men to date or just to get to know (let's be honest, I need to invest a little more time into the getting to know you part for the dating part to be successful), I've joined a couple of websites. I am not obsessive about them or anything, I just like to look, maybe connect and chat with someone here and there. Really, it's hard to meet people these days and websites that facilitate it are just a nice way to go about it. So anyway, yesterday I was looking at one of the sites and some of the members (you know they send you matches etc). And I noticed something about some of the photos of some of the members... they looked MEAN! I mean, I am sure they thought they were giving some kind of sexy pose to the camera and thereby showing the single women of the world that they were hot stuff... but they just looked angry and mean! It actually had me laughing and looking to see how many mean muggers there were on the site... Ah... silly men... women aren't attracted to your tough, mean side... we like the smiles and the sweet side. Anyway... just thought it was a funny moment in this thing called singleness. ;)


  1. lol, my man makes mean faces in pictures too. He claims it's his normal face, yet when the camera isn't around he smiles just fine. I think men have some sort of allergy to cameras that renders their smile muscles limp, it so sad!

  2. LOL! I think this is so true! Even my boys glare when I take their pictures! It's a guy thing I guess. ON another note, one of the teachers I worked with here in Oregon met her hubby on eHarmony. Ya never know!