Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Okay... I am such a chick sometimes. Okay, truth be told, I am such a chick ALL the time!! hahahaha. I took a break from packing and worrying about whether or not I should throw caution to the wind and go ALONE to New York City and watched a chick flick. One of the best chick flicks out there in my opinion. I went to see Sex and the City 2. I saw the first one by myself in the theatre in Edmonton and bawled like a baby through it (and I wasn't single at the time) and then I saw it alone today in Williamsburg, VA. This time I am single and didn't cry a drop. Interesting, no?
Anyway... I normally rail against the push of Hollywood for relationships. I hate the way that at the end of each movie, all is right with the world and that the girl gets the guy each time. And it's the same with the Sex and the City movies. I recently watched the first one again the other day to remember it before seeing the second one, and marveled at how honest the movie is about the work in relationships. Yes, the girl gets her guy at the end, but they are honest about the trials, the tribulations, the joys and the work and I can appreciate that. So to all the other chicks out there... see the movie, enjoy it for what it is, and let yourself view your own relationships (or lack thereof) with new eyes. I know I will be and I am sure that after my chick brain recovers and I have some quiet moments to think, I will have some reflections to post here... so watch out readers, more self analyzation (is that a word?) is on the way. ;)

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