Sunday, May 23, 2010


Okay... so I think that one of the things I need to work on most in my life (dating life and regular life) is having discipline. I think I've known this for a long time but I haven't paid it much attention until today. Today my church service was amazing. It was like the pastor was speaking to me directly. And I am sure that loads of people felt the same way. The weight of the Holy Spirit was heavy in that place. It was good (I hadn't been in a while for numerous reasons, none of which were very good at the end of the day). The main things that I took away from the service were this:

1. GET OBEDIENT! For when our obedience is full, God can fully work in us. I can relate this to all areas of my life, but perhaps most to my dating life. I began to wonder if my struggle to meet a godly man and have a successful relationship was more directly related to my lack of spiritual obedience than to anything else. It's something to ponder and more importantly, it's something I know I can change for all areas of my life.

2. To be a DISCIPLE means to be a disciplined person. So I need to work on being disciplined in all areas of my life, including my dating life, which goes back to my previous entry about my promise ring. I need look at my ring daily and be reminded that I am worth so much more than a quick date or someone trying to take advantage of me. I need to be disciplined in saving myself for my future husband in EVERY way.... it's going to be hard, but so is losing weight and I've been learning to discipline myself with regards to food and exercise and the rewards have been great so far!!!

So that's all I have for now... coming soon is a list of what I think I need/want in a future man. People have said that I need to just make the list, to be clear on what I want and I am finally ready to agree.

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