Thursday, May 20, 2010

Married People

Okay... I know I've stated this before, but let me add the pre-cursor that I know a lot of married people aren't this way... BUT... this is one of my biggest pet peeves. I am tired of married people telling me that it isn't all roses and rainbows.... I KNOW it will be hard work, but trust me, it is a LOT easier to have your life mate walk beside you in things than to do it all alone. And the other big pet peeve is when they tell me about that friend who didn't find her husband until she was 50 or 60 (I got the 60 story tonight at a school event). STOP telling me that stuff. It doesn't encourage me. I am not into waiting that long to start that part of my life. I know that I am supposed to wait on God's timing, and I am trying, but stories like that are so not encouraging. It's annoying and MEAN!! Easy to say that there is plenty of time when you have already started your life...


  1. I know someone who found her husband at age 102, right before she died the next day.
    Sorry...I couldn't resist!! LOL.

    I do disagree with this though: "it is a LOT easier to have your life mate walk beside you in things than to do it all alone"
    I think they are both hard in different ways. In trials, it helps to have someone beside you. In daily life, it simply is another person to take care of/fit into your schedule. I constantly have to put someone else's needs before my own. And most of the time, that person does not do the same. That is HARD. It would be easier if I could just do what I want to do and think only of myself once in a while!!

  2. HA! I found proof:

    ROFL! OK I'm done now. I've been married far too long and you not enough. Somewhere in the middle of you and I is the perfect setup.

  3. Oh... I would agree about the thinking about yourself thing if that is what I did... and maybe I should, but all I do is think about how I need to help my parents, how I need to help my brother, how since I don't have anyone, I have nothing but time and resources for everyone else. I know it seems like I am thinking of myself by going to Turkey and all that, but really I am doing it so that people won't just expect me to drop everything for them.... because when you are the spinster, everyone expects you not to have a schedule or a life...

  4. YES you SHOULD think of yourself!! Like you said in your latest post...look at your promise ring...that is a promise to put yourself first! I love all the discipline stuff too. I might even try that. I just ordered pizza and as usual, no pizza that I like because it's not worth spending $15 on a pizza no one but me will eat when I have to spend another $25 on pizza for the boys. So I just eat what I don't really like. Marriage is supposed to be compromise, but for a "Christian" woman who is told to "sacrifice and submit" it is usually about putting yourself last. So girlfriend...tell your family to BUG OFF and put yourself first while you can!! Yes I am being harsh on them...sorry...but you DO have a life!

  5. And that is why I have friends like you in my life, to remind me that I matter too... my nature is to put others first, it's the way I was raised and it's the way my family is too... we are a mess, all trying to please the other and nothing getting done! hahahahha