Monday, May 24, 2010


So I've been challenged a time or two to really think about and write down a list of what I think I need and want in a life mate and so I've thought about it. I've thought and prayed over what would make me feel happy. I've thought about the men I've dated in the past and what made me love them when I did love them. I've also thought about what hurt me in being with them and how I wouldn't want that again.... but instead of listing the don'ts (negative) I want to list the things I DO want. So here we go:

1. He MUST be a god God loving, God fearing man (lip service isn't enough, he and I and God deserve more than that).
2. He MUST have a good sense of humour (lots of things in life aren't wonderful and finding a way to laugh everyday and to make the one you love laugh everyday is endearing in an inexplicable way).
3. He MUST want to serve others ( a servant's heart is one of the most beautiful things in any person).
4. He MUST want to take care of me (not always in regards to finances or health, but also in regards to spirituality, heart, mind).
5. He MUST be able to let me in and let me take care of him in the same way I want him to take care of me.
6. He should be attractive (physically, intellectually, spiritually) to me.

And that's pretty much it. I just want to be around someone positive, supportive, kind and funny. I think that I possess these qualities myself and so it's not that much to ask. I want to be a helpmate to my man and I want him to be the same for me. I'm not full of rainbows and butterflies... I know there is a lot of work involved in marriage. I understand that compromise is a theme in marriage or any relationship... but I think that's what I am good at in a relationship.

So there you go readers... there is the list. Let me know what you think.


  1. I think it is a perfect list and totally do-able!! You are not asking for a perfect man, but what you are asking for is things that are important, decent and good. :)

  2. Thanks... that's what I thought too, but seems like it is HARD to find or when you do find it it doesn't want to find you back....

  3. Thanks zabe! I tried to really think about what is necessary... what would make me happy and help me to be the best version of myself.