Saturday, May 29, 2010

My VERY Own Sex and the City

Okay... don't get your panties in a knot. I don't mean that I am running around having sex in the city... although... JUST KIDDING!! Geez!
What I am referring to is the friendships in Sex and the City. Really, that is the central point in the story. There are these 4 ladies and no matter what life throws them, they know that at the end of the day they have each other. They don't always please each other, they don't always agree (or even often), they make mistakes in their friendships and lives and yet they know a security in their relationship with one another that surpasses all of those things. It survives... and when I really sit back, I have that too. I have a select few friends who love me like family, not like a friend. I am blessed that they often overlook my selfishness and stupidity and love me anyway. I won't say who is who in the roles, but there pretty much is one for each role. There is the Miranda (the one who is smarter, wiser and more practical than I am), there is the Samantha (the one who lives life to the fullest, even if the decisions aren't always wise), there is the Carrie (the insightful, kind friend who sees things that others don't) and there is the Charlotte (the slightly conservative, sweet friend who sees right through all the malarkey and calls it as it is). I'll leave it to my friends to throw themselves in to the role they see themselves as, and to put me where I belong... but I know that I am blessed... VERY blessed. Even though I am consistently struggling with my own self image, my ideals of what I need to be, my singleness, my past and all of that, these Sex and the City friends of mine stay with me, support me, pray for me and love me. If only that were enough to sustain my happiness... it's close, but I still long for a life mate. I know God knows that. I know that He wants to bless me with it but that I am blocking it. One of my Sex and the City friends helped me to see that the other night. I know that my fear of being broken again is a big hurdle I need to get over and I am trying... so, Sex and the City friends, please love me through it.

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