Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So today was the final day in W-burg before my parents arrive and I have to pack everything up and move. It was the last chance to see that guy I was sorta-kinda-I-don't-know seeing and I called him and then he called back. It was nice to hear his voice but it was so awkward, it was cold. When I told him that it sucks to tell him good bye over the phone instead of in person and then I told him that the saddest part, the shittiest part is that I never got to know where he was at. His response what that it wasn't going to change anything now, so why bother. I told him it might not change me leaving but that it would help me, give me peace of mind. Even if it turned out that all he saw was a more casual dating situation, at least I'd know. His response? "You have peace of mind, you are leaving." I told him I was leaving because I had NO peace of mind and that I deserve it... don't I deserve to just know?! He got too uncomfortable and hung up... It hurt, more than I expected it to. So I wrote him a quick email, apologising for making him uncomfortable and for severing all contact, but I just can't. I don't want to be his friend only... it's not enough for me. I have lots and lots of wonderful, godly friends... what I am seeking is a wonderful and godly man to share my life with.... Am I wrong?


  1. NO! You are not wrong. A real man would have stood up and been straight with you. This man has no courage. You deserve SO much more!

  2. Not wrong at all, you shouldn't have to foster a friendship if it's not what you're looking for. It sucks that this guy couldn't be more forthcoming with his feelings towards you. Communication is pretty key in a realationship so maybe this shows that he wasn't a good match for you? I think it's good that you were clear on ending it, that way you're not distracted when you meet that special guy in Turkey :)

  3. Thanks ladies... It's just sad to me because I took more time with him, I was more open in my thoughts and feelings from the get go and he would say things and act in ways that led me to believe that we were on the same page... but I guess we weren't when he couldn't even express to me what was in his head/heart concerning me. Just kept saying that it wouldn't make a difference, that it wouldn't change things so why bother. *sigh* I feel like I should make a dater application form, have men fill it out and then post the applications on here to get your advice first!! hahaha