Saturday, June 26, 2010


... is the best policy, no? Isn't that what we were taught all our lives? Isn't it a cornerstone of society? And yet, why do some have such a hard time following it?
I was just talking with a good friend and we were sharing our love stories of late and the overwhelming underlying theme is honesty (or lack of it) and communication (or the lack of it). Why is it so hard for a man to admit that he needs time or that he sees a relationship as nothing more than casual or that he doesn't care as much as he knows you want him to or that he's scared of the situation he is in?!
I understand that women are much better at communicating. I understand that we feel the need to express our emotions when most men don't. I understand that, but I still don't "get" it all. We were talking about how women are capable of dealing with a lot, but not knowing creates a craziness in us. And that it's cruel when a man that you are involved with won't let you know what's going on... no matter the situation. *sigh*

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