Sunday, January 29, 2012

Update on Dating Duds...

So previously I posted about the dudes I had/have been seeing in the last little while. Well, recently Mr. Turk-Not-So-Turk has been back in touch. Instead of typing that all the way through this post, let me just call him AT (his initials... all my peeps here know who he is). Anyway, he recently texted to hang out but I was in London on my job search. This this weekend he asked to hang out but I wasn't going into town on the Friday because of the snow and slick roads and he didn't want to drive out on the roads... understandable. Now, if you've been reading, you know I like(d) this guy. I felt bad about dating other guys that were pursuing me because I liked AT and was confused about what was going on. Sure, I had my suspicions about things but this was the EXACT text I got last night when I invited him out to hear a friend sing etc:

Angela i have something to tell you, i would liked to tell u in person but its best i tell u now

Im practically engaged. When u & i met there was a slump in our relationship

If ur ok with it we can continue seeing each other, otherwise im sorry

UH.... WTF!?!?!?! So my response went like this:

Hahaha I figured. Why send me the video (click the link people... this is the video he posted to my facebook wall when he found out that I was taking a job in Singapore... just days before this text) to ask me to stay then? And no... I'm not okay with it. I really don't know what to say besides ur the typical ASS that I end up dating... Thanks for the confirmation.

His response? Here it is, dear readers:

IM SORRY i hve feelings for u its just that i have feelings for someone else too.

I won't type in my exact response because I was pretty upset... I was actually in a taxi on the way out for a girls' night out with my girls here in Ankara. I was all dressed up and ready to have some fun with some good people. But bascially I told him that it wasn't right to try and mess around with two people at once and that he wasn't a man of good character (I used a few more choice terms than that of course). I then told him that I didn't need or deserve what he had to offer. I also told him that he did a good job of snowing me and my friends as to his true colours. His response? Here it is:

My battery is dying & i wasn't pretending.

UH... yea... RIGHT!!! puhahaha... played me for a fool once, not going to do it again, sir. I then deleted him from my facebook etc. What a jackass!! But I am proud of me for standing up for myself and for what I think is right. And, good bye to bad rubbish... YAH ME!!!

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  1. What jerk! Good riddance to bad rubbish indeed. You are worth so much more than someone like that!