Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Typically at this time of the year I sit down and make this huge list of things I want to accomplish in various areas of my life. I compartmentalize my life and I sit down and think about the physical, mental, emotional, financial etc changes and improvements I want to make in my life. And each year I meet some of my goals or resolutions and each year I fail at several as well. And because I am who I am, I write them down somewhere and reflect on them often and make judgments about myself based on those successes and failures.
This year as the new year began to approach, I let my mind wander to those previous goals and what I think I could or would change to find more success in 2012. But as I sit here on my couch, in my cozy living room with the snow falling outside, on this first day of the new year, and reflect on the past and face towards the future, I can only come up with one goal. This year, in 2012, I want to see and understand my worth and value as a human being. I know... seems vague, doesn't it? But I can't find a better way to sum up what it is I want to accomplish in my life this coming year. I want to see the worth in myself that my friends and family see in me. I feel like if I can begin to accomplish that, the other goals I've been trying to make and reach for years will naturally fall into place. I think if I can find my worth, embrace it and expose it to myself and others I will be able to find the joy in myself that is required to be a success in all areas of my life.
So that's my resolution this year... just the one thing, it's more than enough. I hope that each of my readers (you small, faithful group... I love you all for reading, by the way) also finds and understands their worth and that you embrace your value and live your life knowing that you have value and worth in your own eyes and in the eyes of those who know you. I think knowing that could create a better world among us... May 2012 bring you and me the strength and peace of mind to be our best selves.

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  1. Your resolution is so existentialist:) I sometimes examine my existence in the world and it is somehow tricky in a way that finding which role I am playing in this theatre (the metaphor is actually from Sartre, I don't like plagiarism:)