Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You vs Me

Last night as I was struggling with the crippling heat that would bring no sleep my mind began to form words and make thoughts become sentences. I don't know if this is directed to any one person, but I suspect it is... it came from deep in my mind and it doesn't leave me upset or hurting or anything, just like thoughts that would sit still no longer and so this is how they came:

You vs Me

My eyes are open
to see you.
Yours are shut.

My ears are open
to hear you.
Yours are closed.

My mouth is open
to share with you.
Yours is still.

My arms are open
to embrace you.
Yours hang down.

My heart is open
to love you.
Yours is not.

I haven't sorted this all out yet. The meaning may seem obvious... and I have my suspicions as to where it stems from.... but I know it isn't from all the gunk that I went through with Kelvin... those thoughts would be titled "At Arms Length" if I were to write them in a poem... Anyway, I wanted to share them...

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  1. I've figured it out. It was directed at Will... I felt like I was in a place that was ready to find love and then I found him. I thought he was the one I would find that love with. He said the right things, I fell for it without checking (my fault completely... not his), and I rushed into things with a heart that was still mending... and he just kept his closed... so clear now.