Saturday, September 10, 2011

WORST Pick Up Lines

So I just got back from a little jaunt around Holland and Belgium. Both countries were amazing and gorgeous places to be. They were the kind of places where I paid more attention to how I looked and presented myself, something that helps me to feel better about myself. It also helped that I got plenty of appreciative glances and a few pick-up lines tossed my way in the streets (not even at a bar... so different from my previous experiences).

Anyway, as I was walking around Amsterdam one day and a man was throwing me those appreciative glances... then he began to follow me... and then he said, "You got nice back." *sigh* REALLY?!?!?! Puhahahahaha....

What's your worst pick up line?

1 comment:

  1. lol! Too funny! I don't get hit on too often. I used to get attention from the occasional creeper though. The worst was when there was a killer on the loose and an older gentleman on the buss patted my knee and said 'a sweet young thing like you shouldn't be out this late with that crazy guy running around'. He made a very excellent point.

    I did have one guy say he liked my skin, he said it was so very white it was beautiful. It was an odd thing to say I think.