Saturday, November 20, 2010


Seems like a strange concept, even to people of my generation, but flirting and dating over the internet is where it's at these days. I know I've been open about how I've joined eHarmony to try and help myself find a little love in this life, but still feels a little strange to look at a computer screen instead of a man's face, and to touch the keyboard instead of his hand when I am trying to develop some kind of connection. But there you have it, it's the new wave of dating. Part of me likes it. It allows me to go a little slower, get to know the man better before I decide and he decides if this is something to pursue or not. But there is that frustration of the chemistry. It's important to know if you have chemistry and an emoticon or flirty text can only tell so much. So as I begin this search and as I make connections (just the one is all I really want or need), I hope to find out how e-flirting will work, or if it will, particularly because I live in Turkey and most of my matches are showing up as American or British. Only time and the Lord will tell...


  1. That just means you need to move to England, friend. :) Plenty of British men here... though not so cute...
    Love ya!

  2. hahahaha There must be some cute ones!! GET ME A JOB! hahaha