Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Worth of a Woman

The computer I am working on right now (mine crashed and burned... literally) doesn't let me edit pictures, or at least I can't figure it out. *sigh* So tilt your head to the left and then you will see the painting properly. This is something I've been working on for a while. It's the back of a nude woman and on her are the words and symbols for what women are. I asked some friends to offer up the positive words that they think of for women as well... some are in French, Korean, Chinese, Hebrew and Turkish too. Hopefully I didn't mess up the languages that don't use a traditional alphabet, I tried to be as true to the images that I found or was given as I could. There is more room on her for more words, so leave a comment if you want to add to it, especially if you are bringing another language to the mix (and please don't be mad if I have gotten some of them wrong, I am trying).
What I was trying to do with this painting was remind myself and those around me of the worth of a woman. Especially the women around me. It's so easy for us to get caught up with what the media says we should be like, it's easy to think that our worth is tied to our wealth or our physical appearance (yes, I put pretty and beautiful on there too because they aren't just external for me). I wanted to remind myself and others that our value is under the surface of our skin and not in our wallets but in our actions, thoughts, words and so on.
Anyway, I hung this in my entry-way to remind me before I leave every day that I am worth so much more than those physical attributes, and to remind me every time I come home that no matter what was said or what I saw or heard, that I am all those things and worth so much more than the media image of what I need to be. My self image is generally pretty good and confident, but sometimes it's a struggle to keep that up all the time. So this is my reminder.

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