Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Inner Bitter Betty

I don't know if you have one (I am almost positive that most people do... with the exception of some of my good friends who seem to radiate sunshine - I love them!!), but I do and she LOVES to come out from time to time. I call her Bitter Betty - she is the one who loves to gripe about every little thing that goes wrong. She is the one who clings to the hard feelings against the ex. She is the one who works in tandem with Negative Nelly (who is all but gone from my life these days, so HA Bitter Betty... your playmate knew when to go!!). Bitter Betty doesn't come out often, but when I look at my finances and realize how much I am still paying for my past relationship with Kelvin, she rears her ugly head (and trust me, she is like Medusa... a pure beast that could turn onlookers into stone). Today Bitter Betty made a visit while I was going over some of my finances for the summer and realizing how little I got paid at my last job and how little I'll be getting at the new one. I am trying to figure out a way to fast track the debt payoff so that I am free of the hassle and Bitter Betty's visits. That can be hard when she is making her appearance. I know I am generally a happy person, but Bitter Betty can be a powerful part of my personality, one I don't like. Negative Nelly is pretty much out of the picture because I chose gratitude over attitude most of the time and I like that. Now, what can the choice be to kick Bitter Betty to the curb with her negative little friend?

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