Monday, February 1, 2010


And here it is again, the month where love is celebrated. This is the month that always leaves me depressed. It's the longest month of the year to me (even though it is technically the shortest). It's not just that this month is about love, it's the fact that winter feels like it is just dragging on too long at this point. But, if I am honest with myself, the worst part is having to sit through all the lovey-dovey stuff. I am single, it's not easy, especially when most of my friends have significant others. In Korea, it never bothered me as much because I had loads of single friends and we'd have a group "date" that day or do something not related to the day. But here in the US, it's just awful. It's such a strong reminder of how alone I am here. My friends are lovely, but none of them are single and will be romancing the weekend away (not that I can blame them). *sigh*
Shouldn't this holiday be a celebration of ALL kinds of love? Why has it become a celebration of only romantic love?

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