Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Man Combo, Please!

You know those restaurants that you go into and they have the option to create your own combo meal? Well, I wish it was the same when you are selecting a partner for life. For the sake of fantasy, here is my order (and I have to say that it is based on the best qualities from past boyfriends and men that I dated):

My first kiss was so passionate and full of sweet surprise so that would surely be part of the combo. My first boyfriend was relentless in his desire to do nice things for me, so add that to the mix. Next, I'd like to add that the next boyfriend was sweet and giving, always by my side when I needed him, with face massages and gentle words, so please add that as well. Then there were a smattering of boys I dated and some of them were passionate, funny, giving, and entertaining... so I'd like to sprinkle that on my combo too. Then the last boyfriend was generous with his resources and prayers... so it's a must for my man combo. I must have a Christian man! And the one I've seen since then is tall, smart, ambitious, sexy and physically fit, so throw that in too!

Doesn't that seem like a good combo? *sigh* So if I could just combine the boyfriend ghosts of the past into one man, I'd have what I think I deserve. ;)

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