Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Same Guy

I seem to continually date the same guy, just wrapped in a different package. Tall or short, athletic or not, they all tend to be the same. Unavailable! And, no, I don't mean married or dating someone else... I mean emotionally unavailable. I have a very special knack for finding the nicest, cutest, funniest guy in the crowd who wants to date but who is also emotionally unavailable. It's a special talent, I know... because most women don't seem to have it. Sure, they date a few of those guys and then find one who is emotionally available and all of those other things too. *sigh* Perhaps I find these guys because I'm not really available either (even though I'd like to think that I am), or because I am just plain scared of what it would be like to date someone who is emotionally available and ready to go to the next level in a relationship. Whatever the cause may be, I just keep dating the same guy... it's like being in the revolving door or treadmill of dating and it's starting to get boring! I think I'm ready to run the race, so how do I stop finding these guys? I guess I should spend a little more time evaluating myself and my own emotional availability.

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  1. Or maybe it's not the same guy... the verdict is still out on this one...