Sunday, October 24, 2010

Taking Stock and Advice

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about what's happening in my single life. I've begun to wonder if the desire to get married is nothing more than a pipe dream. I've begun to question if it is the life for me. I know that I am full to the brim of love and that I desperately want to share that love and my life with someone... but maybe that's not enough or maybe it's just not meant for me. I've been questioning all of it, myself, my friends, my family, even my God. I'm not getting any real answers yet, but I am taking stock. I am sitting back and figuring out who is in my life and why they are there. I am so blessed with the friends that I have. They are supportive and kind and loving and FUN! But some of the people I count among my friends are exes... why? Why do I still have those people in my life? Should I just completely cut them out and move on? How do you do that? So as I am taking stock, I am seeking advice...


  1. hi this is christine. honestly eventho ive been marry for almost 6years sometime i question about the same thing. i have best friend now who used to be my boyfriend long time ago :) i think to have somebody who you used to date is not that bad sometime they can turn out the best friend forever in your life. at the same time i learned from my exes what type of men i should look for and becareful from. i learned my type from them positive things and negative things. however, you still have feeling towards to that exes than may be you should think about move on from them. it is hard and there is no way to advice you how to do it. people do things differently. way i did it i just get rid of everything and stop talking to them. its mean but i needed it to. hopefully this helps :)

  2. I personally don't have any exes as friends and neither does my hubby. We tried exes-as-friends and I found the friendships not worth the stress they caused years down the road when the exes decided to mess with our relationship. The exes were fine when they were in a relationship but once single they did crazy stalkerish and disrespectful things.

    That's just my experience though. If the exes hadn't done the things they did, they'd still be friends. I'd say it's a judgement call. As long as they continue to benefit your life, stay friends. As soon as they show signs of creating unnecessary stress though, I'd want to be prepared to cut it off.