Friday, December 11, 2009


The holidays just aren't the same this year. Last year and the year before I was with someone that made me feel like we were a little family just the two of us. We talked about our future and went crazy finding ways to please each other with gifts and acts of kindness, but this year I have no one... I know I have my own family and my own friends that I love more than I can express and I am thankful for them but it isn't the same feeling as those last two Christmases. It's very sad and I am trying to force myself to love the holidays this year, but can I just curl up in a big blanket and wish the holidays to pass this year?

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  1. You know that silver lining we all look for when things are as we want? What is really great is that you know what you want and this 'single' Christmas is not going to last, there will be many more Christmases that will bring you exactly what you want from life *hug*