Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Being Still

So lately, I have been attempting to date and have been enjoying the excitement of it all, but have been disappointed with the results. I guess I just feel like I need and want more. I like the one that I have dated a lot, he is really nice, God-fearing, kind and makes me feel more beautiful than I have ever felt... and I mean EVER! But at the same time, it seems like he has a million things going on and I am just one more on the list of things... and I don't want to be one more, I want to be the ONE... so instead of throwing myself into it and into him, I am planning to let it all go and wait. Not wait on men, but wait on God.
My other friend who blogs wrote about this really great quote that a friend gave to her a few years back about what kind of man to wait for and it inspired me that maybe at this time I need to do just that... wait: be still: chill out. I know that some of you reading this are rolling your eyes because this is the exact advice you so wisely already gave me... but I think sometimes I need to walk over the coals and get a little burned before I can truly understand what I have been told. Call it being a slow learner... I would! :)
SO here is what I am waiting for (and this is my personal adaptation from the quote I read):

I am waiting for a man who loves God above all other things, people, places or positions in life. I am waiting for a man who sees me for all I am, all I am not and all I will be when God is done with me. I am waiting for a man who wants to pursue me. I am waiting for a man who is proud of me and wants the WORLD to know I am his. I am waiting for a man who makes me laugh with him, at myself and just in general. I am waiting for a man that makes me want to reach my potential and beyond. I am waiting for a man who wants to take care of me and who lets me take care of him. I am waiting for a man who challenges my mind, my set ways, my heart and my soul to be more open, more in tune with God and more in tune with the needs of those around me.

It's a tall order, I know... but like my previous entry, these are the things that I deserve and that I desire and I don't think it's too much to ask really. I know so many of my friends who have all or most of that in their lives and it's what I want too. So for now, I will concentrate on me... being the best version of the person who could inspire all of that in another and I will wait. I will be still, have faith and trust God for my future and my man.


  1. Can I have one of those men too? ;)
    LIVE the life YOU deserve and desire. (I actually think you are doing a great job at this already.) Don't wait for a man to give it to you! Only God can do that. That's what waiting on God is all about! It has taken me 19 years of marriage to figure that out! And there's your unsolicited advice of the day LOL. XOXO

  2. Ange, I had no idea that you felt that strongly about God. I dunno, it just never came up in our friendship. I think you last few sentences really says it all: pay attention to yourself and make yourself the best that you can be. I miss you like crazy. Are you still in NC?

  3. Ape... Thanks... your advice is ALWAYS welcome!!

    Sunny... still in VA. :) For the moment anyway, I am thinking of going overseas again and have put out a couple of applications. As for my faith, it was always there, but hiding at times. When you and I hung out, well... I wasn't really living the life that I needed to be living, but I was having some good fun!! haha