Saturday, October 3, 2009

3 Names on Facebook

You know, today I was bored (what else is new?) and I was looking at the profiles of my friends on facebook. Most of my female friends (and male too really) are married. As I was stalking their profiles (and thereby their lives), I began to think about their screen names.
Most of my married friends have their first name, their maiden name and then there married name. I love that because it pays homage to both times in their lives (and it makes them a hell of a lot easier to find on facebook when you haven't seen or heard from them for a long time BEFORE they were married and you don't know their new married name). But as I continued to look, I began to think of my single status and my 2 lonely names on facebook. I want 3 names too! I know it seems silly, but I do.
I am at a place in my life where I am so ready to share it with someone else. Don't get scared friends, I am not desperate nor am I joining the Moonies for a mass wedding, I am just coming the realisation that I am fianlly ready for that step in life. I wasn't ready in my 20s, that's for sure. I still had no idea who I was yet. I wasn't ready as I was entering my 30s either, I was too busy enjoying the discovery of who I am. But now, now I am ready and there is no prospect on the horizon. And thanks to Dr. Phil, it has me worried.
His show yesterday talked about how the marketability of women goes WAY down as they age. I am only 34 but even I feel this. A few years back, lots of guys were interested to date me and I never had a shortage of flirtatious moments... but now, it is like pulling teeth to get a second look (yes, this could be because I am chubby, I will grant you that, but I was chubby then too... although less chubby). *sigh*
Maybe 3 names on facebook just isn't in the cards for me...


  1. I hear you girl, I'm in that exact head space too...and truth be told it bugs me when I see someone younger than I with 3 names. It makes me wonder...why not me? why that person? when is everything going to fall into place for me? I want that part of my life to grow and it still feels like it's at the sapling stage. My mother tells me that it will happen when it will happen...let's hope it happens for us singletons sooner rather than later...we might have to hire an advertising firm to sell ourselves!!!! EEK!

  2. There are also some of us three namers that are divorced. Better to be known by two than divorced and known by three........

  3. hahaha... Amar, I totally get you. I often have to FORCE myself to be happy for the others.

    Anonymous... I understand what you are saying too. I think there are blessings in all parts of life, but it is hard being of a certain age and knowing that no one has wanted to even consider spending a lifetime with you... but I do get your point too.