Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Is what is going on right now in mind, body, heart, soul... everywhere!! So I think that means that these dumb dudes don't need to be my facebook friends etc. I'd already removed one and put the other on limited profile access but today I went to remove the last one to find out that he had removed me from his list... YAH!!! Hopefully this means that texts and phone calls will also stop. I keep them in my phone so I know which calls not to answer and which texts not to respond to anymore... I feel like a weight is off my shoulders now that they have been removed from my life! YAH!! With the icky guys out of my life, there is now room being made for the great guy that is coming... right?! :) So happy about this step forward in my life. Slowly but surely I'm becoming who I was always meant to be... thanks for supporting me on my journey friends! <3

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