Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Married Men...

No, no... don't get the wrong idea. I have not crossed to the other side of evil in my desire to find a man of my own. But in the international circuit it is harder than it looks to know who is married and who is not. I'm a fairly honest and straight forward person and I think I expect that because I am, others must be too. I don't think it's exceptional or extraordinary to be honest and forthright. But apparently it is becoming more and more that way.
The other night when I was out, I was chatting with some people (yes, men were included in this) and I found one of them to be particularly attractive. We hit it off, had a nice conversation and even exchanged numbers. Now, I felt like I had done due diligence by checking for a ring and by watching his behaviour etc throughout the evening. He paid special attention to me, had no ring and behaved as though he were single. I came to find out later that he was among those that call themselves "temporarily divorced" for the evening, the week, the weekend or whatever time period they choose. When asked, he did honestly admit to being married, but still wanted to date me!!! hahahaha As I said earlier, I have not crossed over to the other side of evil and I let him know in no uncertain terms that this wasn't something I wanted. He went on to explain that his marriage was all but over, but I held my ground and said no. He then asked if we could be friends, to which I also gave a negative answer. He'd misrepresented himself to me in the times we had chatted (we had been texting after we met... no, not sexting and had met for a second time) and I just wasn't interested in getting involved in that, regardless of where he thought his marriage was going or not going.
My advice to the single folk out there? ASK... ask if they are married, engaged or in any kind of relationship. I know they can lie, but at least you will have asked... and then... OBSERVE/LISTEN.... keep your eyes and ears peeled for any behaviour that just doesn't sit right.
My advice to the married folk? Time for some honest conversations with your spouse... time to revisit the expectations you have for each other in social settings. Time to investigate (not like a crazy spy or the Cheaters people.... unless you think you need Cheaters to do a show on your significant other) each other's feelings and make sure that honesty in paramount for both of you.

I know I've learned a valuable lesson (don't worry... nothing bad happened) and that is to make sure to ask and to ask around before exchanging numbers etc. Dating is hard when you are young, but chances are that most acting single folk are single... in my mid 30s I'm beginning to realize that most acting single folk are just acting... sad, but true.

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