Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Red Flag: Too Familiar Too Soon

I know I said that this would be a 10 entry series, but I broke that with the bonus entry on presents.  And then I asked my friends if they had any suggestions and I came away with two more entries, this is one of them.

Have you ever gone on a date or been hit on and the other person immediately glosses over your name and immediately begins with the pet names?  I have, I've even had it happen while chatting online to decide if I want to even go on the first date.  And since this suggestion came from a friend, I'm guessing I'm not the only one who's experienced this.  Here is why it's concerning:

Pet names should be reserved for people you actually know.  When someone starts using a pet name with me right away, it leaves me feeling cheapened.  Why? Because if my name isn't memorable, I'm fairly sure I'm not either and this date isn't going to turn into anything more than a physical interaction.  And since that's not what I want in my relationships, it should be a red flag right away (has it always been, nope... I'm a slow learner).

So drop the nicknames until you know that person, don't get too familiar until you have a reason to.  Each person has a name for a reason... use it!


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