Monday, February 7, 2011


There are only 3 times that I truly miss being part of a relationship.

The first is obvious: Valentine's Day. I miss being part of a partnership and relationship because this day is the day that most couples really show love for another in a public way. I don't know why I miss it since none of the men I've ever dated celebrated the holiday at all, but I guess I miss the idea of what that day could represent. I do love that I can show love for myself on that day and I do... I haven't decided what to give myself this year...

The second time I miss being in a relationship is when I want to share the joy with someone. Sometimes when something good or funny happens, I just want to call my special someone and share it with them. I know, I know, I can share it with all the wonderful friends and family that I have been blessed with but somehow it's not the same. Close, but not quite.

The third time I miss being in a relationship is days like today. I woke up with the most excruciatingly painful kink in my neck/spine. It's made it so I can't lift my head up, I can't turn to the side and nothing feels comfortable. Days like this I wish that I had a significant other who'd want to take care of me, make me soup or rub my overly tense shoulders. I miss that... I miss being cared for the most.


  1. Hey Ang, reading this brought back memories of Black Friday. Remember that? All of us looking our finest and going out together for V-Day in Uni? Fun Times!
    Sorry that your neck is so sore, how awful - I get that from time to time on my left side ever since I was in a car accident a few years back, I find a hot bath and little ibuprophen can do wonders (followed with a nice glass of wine)

  2. Aw I'm sorry! Lance and I never celebrate Valentine's day, and if I was in bed with a stiff neck he'd probably just toss the aspirin bottle onto the covers and tell me to try to have a good day... Men want to be cared for but they don't want to do the caring!! I like your dream anyway!! Maybe I'll dream it too ha ha.

  3. Thanks ladies... Kris... no bath tub and my shower is having drainage issues (I've poured an entire bottle of clog killer and 2 boxes of the same down to no avail)... have 3 muscle relaxers in the system to no effect... I think sleep will be the best way... as for Black Friday... thems were the days! However, being that most of my friends are hitched or attached, don't think it's going to happen this year....
    April... I busted out laughing at your comment!! Love it! hahahahaha Keep dreamin' the dream... perhaps one day we will get to live it! ;)

  4. I have the same crick in my neck. :( And it's like pulling teeth to get Stephen to rub it! If you were here, I'd give you a good massage... no wait, I'd pay for us to go to a DAMN good spa! <3 ya beautiful friend, Sophia

  5. Ah... you are such a friend!! Um... weird that we both have the same thing. My head feels SO HEAVY right now and I'm back at school today... *sigh*