Sunday, January 3, 2010


I've often thought that the life of a butterfly is beautiful. They turn from a sluggishly slow, hairy thing with too many legs and too many rolls into something that everyone regards as beautiful. Butterflies are symbols of freedom in many cultures. This year I've decided to make my butterfly year. Yes, I know it is the year of the Tiger, and maybe the inner tiger in me will shine too, but this year is the year of my butterfly.
This year, I will allow myself to transform into something beautiful. I know many of my friends will say that I am already beautiful... blah, blah, blah. I don't want to discount them or offend them by ignoring their words, but they aren't me... They don't see me in the mirror, only themselves. So this year, my goal is to allow myself to transform... to allow myself to enter a phase of chrysalis and then to emerge more beautiful and free than before.
Of course this means I have to go through my stage as a caterpillar too... and so that is how I begin my new year. I will slowly go, allowing my mind and soul to feed on things that will make me stronger. The trick is to keep moving forward. And then, when the time comes, I will enter my chrysalis... spinning my soft silk and hard walls around myself. And finally, I will emerge with new, colorful wings and I will be beautiful, not just to my good friends but to the world and most importantly, to myself.
Yes, this is the year of my butterfly.


  1. *tear* I love that!!!!!
    No one understands but the person who looks back at you in the mirror - and that person speaks volumes doesn't she!!
    I'm proud of you and you'll succeed into becoming that beautiful butterfly you know is in your heart, time to fly girl - it's time to fly!

  2. I think you should chrysalize in London. :) I'm proud of you, Ang... my beautiful friend. <3
    Love, Sophia

  3. That echoes a book I just read 'Ocean's Apart' by Karen Kingsbury, it used the butterfly as a symbol of second chances